The Most Important Marketing Idea Of 2020

Build buzz and excitement for your signing, session, or panel by offering a free book or giveaway to the first 5–10 people who arrive at each location. Announce this giveaway on your social profiles using the event-specific hashtag. Once other attendees see people flocking to you, they’ll want to see what all the fuss is about. Partner with other authors to create an anthology of novellas or short stories. If you promote the collection to your audiences, you can each increase your exposure by reaching the other authors’ audiences. Create a hashtag for the Q&A session — it can be an one-time occasion, or a monthly event.

Publish the videos on YouTube and your other social channels. Help a Reporter Out connects journalists with relevant experts, and you are the expert of your niche! By signing up, you’ll receive an email three times per day that includes media opportunities in which you could be quoted. Reply quickly for the best chance of getting selected for a quote in an article, and ask for a website link back to your site. The people who opened or clicked on the book launch email are the most engaged people on your list. They will be most likely to make the purchase or even write a review of the book.

Promote the Q&A ahead of time so your fans know to either block the time in their calendar or schedule their tweets to post during the Q&A. Run a contest on launch day giving people many opportunities to win prizes, such as a free copy of a book, gift cards, posters, and more. Create mini documentaries on a book, or get more creative. For example, for a lovely women lit book featuring a hairdresser protagonist, create a cute series of hair tutorials featuring hairstyles from the book. For a middle grade mystery featuring a magician, create a magic trick tutorial series.

Marketing Idea

You include the sample package for your digital strategy workflow so clients who request the sample online are usually automatically sent the kit. A individualized card is included that will introduces their region sales rep plus drives them on the internet to make the purchase. You target cookied customers which have invested a lot of time browsing on your site. Browsing data automatically populates a customized catalog, so only the style they love appears in the booklet. The booklet has a strong CTA driving them to make their purchase.

The map takes personalization beyond just including a name and shows that you value your customers as individuals, not cogs in a wheel. Choosing the right tactics is an integral part of a sound marketing strategy. If you’re struggling with clarity in your small business messaging, clarity in who you are targeting, or clarity in which tactics will work best for you, maybe we should talk. You should consider proceeding with any ideas that fall into the upper right quadrant. This is the sweet spot where the best ideas will appear. The first step is to apply your objectives as a lens through which you filter your ideas.

This personalized catalog builds an omni-channel experience that speaks to your quality and service. You target your existing card customers, for whom you have a home address, sending a personalized map that leads from their home to your store. The map is different for each customer and is printed on a postcard with a coupon if they swipe their store card.