Selling Primary

Exchange uses uneditable verified Shopify sales data, owner-reported data, and market trends to suggest a valuation price. The seller is free to use the suggested price or set their own as a starting point for negotiation.

Selling From Website

The main reason that I hear or read for why you should not sell a website is the loss of ongoing revenue. Say your site is making you $1, 000 in profit each month. This is a nice chunk of money, but you could make more than that just by maintaining the site over the next two years.

This is true, and something that needs to be considered, but it’s not always the whole truth. A Buyer makes an offer to buy the business with the price they are willing to pay. Upon offer acceptance, Buyer and Seller begin the payment transaction through Escrow.

If the site is an important part of your monthly income you will need to be able to quickly replace that income or adjust your living expenses to account for lower income. In order to make the sale a good decision for you, you’ll need to find the right timing and the right buyer/offer. If you try to force the sale when the timing isn’t right you could be making a maneuver that you’ll regret. There may be times when you feel like you have done everything you are able to do with a site. If you work on your own you may reach a point where you feel like you will need to hire other people or bring on a partner in order to take the site to the next level. Selling your site today helps you to avoid the risk of your income dropping. Buyers are taking the risk, and this is part of why prices for established websites and blogs are not higher.

This is a store selling a Keratin Treatment for smooth and soft hair, which is a product with a massive demand! Because it’s an one product store, it has a very high conversion rate of 3. 62%. Previous business owners have a wealth of information on the ins and outs of running a business.

We’ll cover some tips for finding buyers later in this guide. As a seller it can be frustrating to see that other people’s value of your site is not as high as what you feel it is worth. If this is the case, your best move is to hold on to the site and keep moving forward with it, unless you are in a position where you absolutely have to sell. While selling a profitable site is a way to make a nice lump sum, you’ll be doing that by sacrificing your ability to make ongoing revenue from the site.

Over the past several years Google has made many algorithm changes, and thousands of profitable websites have been severely impacted by those changes. If your site relies on Google for a decent percentage of traffic there is no guarantee that your traffic level will stay the same. First, there is some value in freeing up the time that you won’t need to dedicate to the site after you sell it. With that time you might be able to produce more than $1, 000 per month. Second, there is no guarantee of future revenue or profit.

One key to keep in mind is that you only need to find one buyer who values your site. You could have 100 people at Flippa tell you that your site is not worth what you are asking, but if you find just one person who is willing to pay your asking price, that’s all that matters.