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You feel as though you are winning, even when you are losing. It’s like death from a thousand paper-cuts that you feel good about. Slot manufacturers have clever tricks to program our senses. As reels spin, many machines play melodic arpeggio chimes that increase in harmonic complexity as each reel stops. slot games online If it looks like there’s a potential win, these sounds build up to a climax, building in anticipation. Often the last reel will slow down just as it’s coming to it’s end point to intensify the climax. There’s very little in common between a modern slot machine and the “one armed bandit” of times past.

For the first time at the show I encountered a Google booth, and they were there offering their cloud, Machine Learning, and AI services to casinos. These two factors compounded and their was a land grab for social casino companies. High premiums were paid to obtain social casino game developers and their associated customer databases. The theory was that these social casino players could be groomed into profitable clients by converting them over from spending virtual coins into spending real coins. For the reasons mentioned above these conversions haven’t been anywhere near as successful as planned, and many of these social gaming companies have changed ownership again.

Whilst there are minor tweaks that can be made to play style, a slot machine is essentially a commodity. All slots pretty much do the same thing; have the same inputs and outputs, and the same controls.

In fact, it’s becoming increasingly harder to find a machine that actually uses rotating reels to display the outcome. Most modern slots are computers with buttons, lots of lights, huge screens, sound generating devices, ticket printers, and bill readers. You ‘pull the handle’, but you don’t get the reward all the time. When a person do get an incentive, sometimes it’s a little win, sometimes a large win.

But it’s simple to feel the stress of ‘just one even more pull’. The sensation of excitement on each win will be divine, and this will be compelling enough to maintain you playing.

This allows the dopamine inducing shows to be played more often, even when the pull has resulted in a net loss. Playing all lines might cost you 100 credits, but you can be rewarded with sounds and lights for prizes of say 20, 30, 30 credits for wins on some of the lines.

Modern Gambling Machine

Also, as we have seen above, the modern machine starts off as a modular blank cabinet. By changing the physical art assets on a case, then the digital assets in the game, a game can be converted from one design to another very easily. Most slots these days allow for the playing of multiple win-lines.